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We offer comprehensive estate planning solutions for every stage of your life. 

Your Estate Planning Solutions

Estate planning doesn't have to be a complicated process.  We want to make sure your legacy is a blessing for your family.  The last thing you want to leave behind is an unorganized mess that causes family conflicts.  At Clarity Financial, LLC we have a well-defined estate planning process to give you confidence that your life's work will be transferred to the next generation while limiting unknown beneficiaries.  Having an efficient estate plan will help you have more liquid assets to enjoy throughout retirement. 

Will the Federal government be a beneficiary of your estate?

Get Started Today!

What are your legacy goals?

  • Can your beneficiaries manage these assets?
  • Do you have family heirlooms that need to transferred to the next generation?
  • Do you have charities you want to support?

Review current estate plan.

  • When was the last time you updated your beneficiaries on all of your financial accounts?
  • Do you have a Will or Trust?
  • Do you have durable power of attorneys for health care and financial directives?

Update and monitor estate planning documents.

  • Once you have your plan in place it needs to be updated as life changes. 
  • Monitor Federal and State law changes that could impact your estate plan. 
  • Make sure your estate documents can be easily located.